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Root Canal Therapy Carrollton, TX

Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy in Carrollton

Root Canal Purpose and Procedure


Did you know that root canal (endodontic) therapy can literally save your tooth from extraction? This tooth-saving procedure is a great way to keep your natural teeth without affecting oral function. Losing teeth is a very traumatic experience and tooth loss affects many facets of your daily life. When a tooth is failing, a root canal treatment may be the only way to improve quality of life without sacrificing a tooth. Our dentist performs root canal therapy to alleviate discomfort, remove infected material inside teeth, and restore oral function.

Why Root Canal Therapy is Sometimes Necessary?

Inside the tooth is a small hollow chamber where the nerves end. This chamber is called a root canal. In addition to housing nerves, the root canal is home to pulp, which contains vital cellular material. A badly broken or decayed tooth can develop a deep internal infection that eventually reaches the root canal. If the root canal is infected, the nerve endings and pulp will become inflamed and produce significant discomfort for patients. An infected root canal cannot heal itself, and without treatment, the infection will worsen into an abscess or cause a tooth to die.

An Overview of the Procedure

To save a tooth, root canal treatment is performed to remove the infected structures of a tooth (nerves and pulp). Using tiny tools, our dentist will gently irrigate and clean the root canal and then seal it to prevent further damage. After endodontic therapy, you may receive a restoration like a dental crown or filling to protect the external structure of your tooth.

Some people have a negative opinion of root canal treatment and associate this procedure with discomfort. Fortunately, most of our patients report to our team that receiving endodontic care is not much different from receiving a filling. In fact, root canal therapy will actually put an end to toothaches in an infected tooth.

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“We have been patients for almost 20 years, and could not ask for a better, more caring dentist. Dr Capua is very knowledgeable and thorough, with a kind and caring approach. Hygienists are skilled and strive to eliminate any discomfort. The office staff are welcoming and willing to assist with insurance or billing problems.Overall, the best dental experience we could want.”

– Sharla F

“I have been a patient for 10 plus years. The level of service and knowledge is outstanding, very professional. Customer service is number one here. All my family are patients. I highly recommend them for your general and cosmetic dentistry.”

– Dennis C

“Had a huge filling fall off in the front, new to the area. Found this office and won't go anywhere else. Everyone is so friendly and Dr Capua was very picky about making sure it looked right. Not as nervous going to dentist anymore.”

– Rene' F

“I have been going to Dr. Capua’s office for a few years now and I will not go anywhere else! Her and her team are the absolute best! Friendly, timely, professional. I can’t say enough good things about this office!!”

– Kelley S

“Dr Capua and her staff are always very friendly and so personable. Dr. Capua is very knowledgeable, and works very hard to resolve any dental issues you might have. I highly recommend Dr. Capua and her staff.”

– Joni S

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