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Whether an accidental elbow dislodges your front tooth, a once asymptomatic toothache becomes extremely painful, or one of your dental crowns falls off, priority number one is getting the fast, effective treatment you deserve. Fortunately, our emergency dentist in Carrollton, Dr. Kimberley Capua, can do just that! From first-aid tips over the phone to same-day appointments, our team will make sure your dental injury is handled swiftly and that your pain-free smile is restored. So, when you or a loved one needs urgent care, contact our office right away.

Why Choose Kimberly Capua, DDS for Emergency Dental Care?

  • Same-Day Emergency Appointments
  • Convenient Office Hours
  • Dental Insurance Welcome & Flexible Financing Available

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

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  • Call our office right away. We’ll schedule you in as soon as we can, likely on the same day as your emergency. Over the phone, we’ll provide first-aid instructions to help you manage your situation in the meantime.
  • See Dr. Capua for an emergency exam. Once you get to our office, Dr. Capua will see you right away and perform an emergency exam. She’ll thoroughly evaluate the situation to determine the best method to get your smile back to normal.
  • Get the care you need. If you’re in pain, we’ll work quickly to relieve it. We’ll also create a custom treatment plan to address the underlying problem. Some common solutions include fillings, dental crowns, root canal therapy, periodontal therapy, and tooth extraction.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are any non-life-threatening dental injuries that require immediate attention, such as a knocked-out or fractured tooth. Either way, priority number one is to contact our office. From there, our fantastic staff can guide you through the next best steps and ensure you are as comfortable as possible until you get to our office. Here are the most common dental emergencies we treat.

  • Toothaches
  • Chipped Tooth
  • Cracked Tooth
  • Sensitivity to Hot & Cold
  • Knocked-Out Tooth
  • Lost Filling or Crown
  • Broken Denture
  • Loose Tooth
  • Gums, Lips or Tongue Injury
  • Jaw Pain or Clenching
  • Something Stuck Between Teeth

Understanding the Cost of Dental Emergencies

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Since no two dental emergencies are exactly alike, the costs associated with care vary as well. Restoring your pain-free smile is our top priority, and we always go above and beyond so there are no unpleasant financial surprises along the way. Plus, we offer provisions that can keep your out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.

Every Dental Emergency is Different

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We can’t say for sure how much the cost of emergency dentistry in Carrollton will be for you until we are able to assess your needs. If you have a minor toothache, a small filling may be the solution to restore the aesthetics and function of your tooth. On the other hand, a severe infection may require a multitude of treatments to address, like root canal therapy and a dental crown. The cost of sedation and anesthesia will also contribute to overall costs. If more than one type of treatment might be suitable for you, we will clearly explain the pros, cons, and price of each option.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

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Dental insurance policies vary greatly in their coverage, but many cover at least one emergency exam each year. They may also cover 50% – 80% of the cost of restorative care, up to the amount of your plan’s annual maximum. Our insurance-friendly team is ready to help you understand your coverage and maximize your benefits. We will even file claims on your behalf. Just be sure to bring your insurance information with you when you visit us as your emergency dentist in Carrollton.

Other Options for Making Dental Emergencies Affordable

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If you cannot pay for the entirety of your treatment upfront (or you do not wish to), you may be eligible for CareCredit. CareCredit is a third-party lender that offers low-interest and no-interest payment plans for medical and dental services. Our team can help you apply for this provision if needed.

Taking Care of Your Smile Can Save You Money

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Some dental emergencies are inevitable, but most can be prevented via good at-home habits and regular dental visits. Routine checkups allow Dr. Capua and our team to identify and treat problems before they become severe — and before they become expensive to treat.

It would be financially wise to visit us as soon as you feel that something is off with your oral health, even if you aren’t in severe pain. For example, a small twinge in a tooth might indicate a new cavity. A filling is a relatively inexpensive dental procedure. However, if the cavity worsens to the point where you need root canal therapy and a crown, you will have to pay a lot more. If it becomes necessary to extract the tooth, you may end up paying thousands for tooth replacement later on.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

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Wouldn’t you want to avoid experiencing a stressful dental emergency in Carrollton if you could? By being diligent about your at-home oral hygiene routine and following a few precautionary measures, you can save yourself from needing costly urgent dental treatments and the hassle of having to schedule a last-minute appointment with Dr. Capua. Here are a few recommendations that we suggest to help our patients keep their oral health on the right track and avoid dental damage.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

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The American Dental Association, along with our team at Kimberly Capua, DDS, PA, recommend visiting your dentist in Carrollton every six months for a checkup and cleaning. These appointments will allow us to ensure the health of your teeth and gums as well as treat any small oral problems before they have an opportunity to progress into something more serious. We’ll take routine dental X-rays, conduct a thorough visual and tactile examination of your mouth, and do an oral cancer screening. Then, we’ll thoroughly clear away all plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth, leaving your smile healthier and happier.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Habits at Home

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The key to keeping your smile healthy is routine brushing, flossing, and rinsing at home. We recommend brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes, twice each day. You’ll also need to floss your teeth every day and rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash once a day as well. This will keep harmful oral bacteria from accumulating and wreaking havoc on your oral health.

Eat a Nutritious Diet

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Many people don’t consider how their diet will impact their oral health. Harmful oral bacteria that are known to cause common issues that can lead to dental emergencies, like cavities and gum disease, feed off of sugars and carbohydrates. By substituting processed foods for healthier alternatives, like celery sticks that naturally remove plaque as you chew them, you can keep oral issues from developing.

Wear a Protective Mouthguard

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If you play contact sports or participate in any activities that could put your teeth or jaw at risk of becoming damaged, invest in a custom-fitted protective mouthguard. Dr. Capua, your skilled emergency dentist in Carrollton, crafts hers from durable acrylic that shields the teeth and jaw joints from force, drastically reducing your odds of experiencing a dental emergency while you’re on the field or court.

Use Tools, Not Teeth to Open Packaging

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When you can’t open a bottle or package, you may be tempted to use your teeth. However, using your pearly whites for anything other than chewing food can easily cost you a trip to your emergency dentist in Carrollton. You may accidentally chip, break, or crack a tooth. That’s why it’s always best to wait until you have the right tool or ask someone to lend you a helping hand.

Dental Emergency FAQ’s

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If you still have concerns about what you should be doing in the event of a dental emergency, Dr. Capua is here with the answers you need. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our services and various urgent dental situations so that you can act quickly to stop your pain and protect your mouth. We have answered some of the most common questions we’ve received over the years from our emergency patients down below.

What Should I Do About My Fractured Jaw?

A fractured jaw is a potentially life-threatening problem that requires immediate medical attention. For this and other severe issues such as deep facial cuts or any injury that makes it difficult to swallow or breathe, get in touch with an emergency room as soon as possible. We can address your dental issues once the more life-threatening problems have been dealt with. You can go ahead and schedule a same-day appointment at our practice once you’ve finished receiving care at the emergency room; that way we can get started on repairing your smile and preventing additional oral damage right away.

How Can I Reduce Swelling?

Broken or infected teeth are often accompanied by swelling. Holding a cold compress over the affected area will help reduce the swelling as well as your pain. That said, you shouldn’t be constantly holding the compress on your mouth; it’s most effective when you hold it in place for 10-minute intervals. Over-the-counter pain medication will also help reduce any of the discomfort that you might experience along with the swelling. If you want to stop the swelling once and for all, you’ll need to have the underlying dental issue treated as soon as possible.

What Items Should I Include in My Emergency Dental Kit?

A well-stocked dental emergency kit will have all the tools you need to perform the necessary first aid that your smile requires to avoid further damage. You may want to create multiple kits so that you can get to them at home, in your car, or at work. Each kit should contain:

  • Latex-free gloves for handling teeth and touching the inside of the mouth
  • Over-the-counter pain medication
  • Gauze pads to stop bleeding
  • Saline rinse solution and a small container for storing any knocked-out tee

Our Patient Reviews

“We have been patients for almost 20 years, and could not ask for a better, more caring dentist. Dr Capua is very knowledgeable and thorough, with a kind and caring approach. Hygienists are skilled and strive to eliminate any discomfort. The office staff are welcoming and willing to assist with insurance or billing problems.Overall, the best dental experience we could want.”

– Sharla F

“I have been a patient for 10 plus years. The level of service and knowledge is outstanding, very professional. Customer service is number one here. All my family are patients. I highly recommend them for your general and cosmetic dentistry.”

– Dennis C

“Had a huge filling fall off in the front, new to the area. Found this office and won't go anywhere else. Everyone is so friendly and Dr Capua was very picky about making sure it looked right. Not as nervous going to dentist anymore.”

– Rene' F

“I have been going to Dr. Capua’s office for a few years now and I will not go anywhere else! Her and her team are the absolute best! Friendly, timely, professional. I can’t say enough good things about this office!!”

– Kelley S

“Dr Capua and her staff are always very friendly and so personable. Dr. Capua is very knowledgeable, and works very hard to resolve any dental issues you might have. I highly recommend Dr. Capua and her staff.”

– Joni S

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